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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:14:22 +0100

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Subject: RE: possible problem: documentation
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    You might want to use dselect (or aptitude, whatever).  It makes package
selection much easier.  BTW, since you're using Debian (I'm too tired to
have noticed this earlier), you'll need to copy the example config file from
the source directory to /etc/cipe/peers.


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To: K. David Prince
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Subject: Re: possible problem: documentation

On Thursday 27 December 2001 11:45 am, K. David Prince wrote:
> Hello Dragos,
> I've installed the cipe package directly from the Debian/Woody archive.
> There are two cipe packages:
> fw1:/etc/cipe# dpkg --get-selections | grep cipe
> cipe-common                                     install
> cipe-source                                     install
> The description for the source package says:
> Description: Encrypted IP tunnels over UDP (source)
>  CIPE (the name is shortened from *Crypto IP Encapsulation*) is a
>  package for an encrypting IP tunnel device. This can be used to build
>  encrypting routers for VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and similar
>  applications.
>  .
>  After installing this and compiling a new kernel, run
>  make-kpkg --revision number modules_image
>  and you will get a cipe package for your kernel.
> Once you have installed these packages from Debian/Woody, you can read the
> documentation with the info command:
> fw1:/# info cipe
> I hope this helps!  If you can get this to work, please let me know.  I'm
> running this package on two firewall machines.  And, I've sent out several
> queries for help, but have not gotten any answers from anyone anywhere.
> Maybe we could put our heads together and get this thing going!
> By the way, I'm running kernel 2.4.17 with iptables support.
> Dave
> On Thu, 27 Dec 2001, Dragos wrote:
> > hello,
> > I've been following list for some time; now the time has come for me to
> > do some work (based on cipe); I'm supposed to do a vpn between two
> > points. I did a fresh install on two sistems (debian woody), got cipe
> > 1.5.2 archive, compiled (this is is the first try: ./configure; make;
> > make install); make install barks:
> > make: *** No rule to make target `cipe.texinfo', needed by `cipe.info'.
> > Stop. after it installs the binary files &all...
> > hope nothing gets else but documentation gets skiped;
> > ok, now to the problem: since I'm following the list for some time, I
> > have a general idea about what it's suposed to do and how it works, but
> > "the devil it's in the details" they say, for a good reason. I don't
> > the documentation installed (see the error above), so I don't have a
> > starting point. I don't have a cipe.conf (or whatever) in /etc/cipe with
> > comments to start with.
> > some docs somewhere?
> >
> > dragos
hello Dave,
I saw them, but I'm just starting with debian and I'm not that comfortable
with the apt-{get;cache} thing; I didn't know how to find what version of
cipe apt would install; after some reading I found out that it's cipe 1.5.2,
the same I just installed by hand, so I'll remove it, and go the debian
I'll keep you current on my findings; by the way, I still run 2.4.16.

thanks, dragos

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