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Subject: 1.5.2 questions
From: Roger Walker <rosco,AT,rope,DOT,net>
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 01:48:10 +0100

        I've most recently used version 1.4.0 and have several
systems/networks interconnected. My latest addition is a Linux 2.4.17
system with cipe 1.5.2. I see there have been some interesting changes. I
have some questions...

        For multiple connections, I used to specify the ipup and ipdown
files to use, but that appears to be deprecated. Is there anything special
to set up in those files so that only the appropriate commands are run
(i.e. route command in ip-up) - after all, the connections may not always
be running.

        I am guessing that each interface should be started with a
separate options file. Yes?

        Will 1.5.2 on 2.4 kernel work properly with 1.4.0 on 2.2 kernel?
If not, what changes need to be made. Currently, the interface comes up
until I try something like ping through it. Then it goes down.

        Thanks for any suggestions.

Roger Walker                         <http://www.rat-hole.com>
Voice/Fax 1-780-440-2685             <http://www.man-from-linux.com>
"HIS Pain; YOUR Gain"                <http://www.rope.net>

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