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Subject: bridging + cipe problem with latest CVS
From: Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh,AT,earth,DOT,li>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 01:01:55 +0100

I saw from previous posts that various fixes are required to make bridging 
and cipe work properly, so I've been trying it out with latest CVS, which 
appears to incorporate all the fixes that have been mentioned on the list 

[As an aside, compiling it requires the bits that calculate VERSION_MAJ
and VERSION_MIN in the configure script to be changed to cope with the
fact that VERSION is a CVS version instead of 1.5.x (I just replaced
$VERSION with 1.5.x in the line that calls tr)]

Anyway, this fixes nearly all the problems that have been reported, but
there's still one. I've reproduced the following configuration in two
different locations and got the same problem (using some of the same
machines each time but not in the same role):

Test Machine -----ethernet----- Machine A -----cipe proto 4----- Machine B

The cipe config files at each end have 

maxerr -1
cttl 64
mtu 1500

(in addition to the obvious options to setup the tunnel)

All three machines are also configured to have the relevant interfaces on 
the same IP subnet.

If Test Machine is a linux box, I can't provoke any problem. However, if 
it's a Win2K box, trying to make a TCP/IP connection (telnet/ssh) from it 
to Machine B doesn't get very far, and I see "cipe_xmit packet length 
problem 60/54" in logs on Machine A.

I'm not familiar enough with tcpdump output to be able to work out exactly 
what the difference between making connections with Windows and Linux is, 
but if someone tells me what to look for I'll poke this further.



PS - Lennert: This isn't the same configuration I've been bugging you
about, and VMWare is only involved in the bit that works :-)

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