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Subject: windows-version of cipe crashes (sometimes)
From: Thomas Schaefer <mail,AT,thomas--schaefer,DOT,de>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 23:27:07 +0100


I have created a tunnel from a windows NT PC over an corporate nework to a 
laboratory network. ( same company but under my administration)  On one end 
of the tunnel is the WindowsNt-version 
installed. The opposite end uses the Linux Version 1.5.2 ( delivered with 
Suse 7.3) (without encryption, only encapsulation)
At the beginning it seems to work very well. But today I had a reproducable 
crash of the tunnel. Because a restart on the windows-site has the tunnel 
reestablished I think there must be a problem in the windows-version.
The traffic was very low, only some udp/snmp packets were sent. And for 
monitoring purposes an endless ping to the opposite tunnel interface.

Now my questions:
The windows-version is rather old - April of 2001 is there a newer stable 
Does anybody else use the combination of window/linux version with/without 

Thank you for your attention,

Thomas Schäfer

PS: Are there some hints to make both the windows and the linux version to be 
more verbose?

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