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Subject: getting started
From: "Mythiq" <secret-squirrel,AT,hetnet,DOT,nl>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 23:06:12 +0100

(It was because I used an alias cipe for cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de .... funny 

Hi all,

As a cipe-newbee I stumbled upon some troubles getting started. The
compilation of cipe seems to have worked fine (although the pkcipe wasn't
compiled but I have no intensions yet to use it). The implementation and
configuration however are giving me headaches. I followed the .info but I'm

I use Debian 2.2.19 and I want to make a tunnel to a Debian 2.2.18pre21 over
the @home cablenetwork (Internet). Normal communications work fine
(including UDP).

After compilation and installation, what files need to be configured and
how? (does anyone have an example at hand?) I only have examples from the
HOWTO which refer to cipe 1.2 or 3... 1.5 is another piece of pie I'm

in /etc/init.d there is a script called by /etc/rc.d namely "cipe", which
should start the cipe-daemon. In the script is a reference to/etc/cipe/peers
which I cannot find in any manual (is this Debian specific?)
Is this an inheritance from cipe 1.3something from a previously installed
(and removed) cipe.deb package?

The ciped.o module is not placed into the correct directory by make (did I
forget to state the path?) and what are all other modules meant for
(config.h ciped.d options.dd ioctl. output.)?

NB: Olaf: I cannot find any complete manual that's going step by step. After
I've got things working I'd be happy to write one?

any help is appriciated!

TIA, Mythiq.

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