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Subject: cipe userspace daemon should know kernel module version
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz,AT,tac,DOT,ch>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:55:09 +0100

Hello Olaf and list readers,

I've recently had to upgrade cipe on some customer sites
for various reasons and while I now have to maintain to
versions of cipe in our cvs I unfortunately once created
a package with the cipe kernel module from 1.5.2 and the
user space tool from 1.4.6. Of course the lkml loads and
the user space tool doesn't complain. Wouldn't it be nice
to have a function in the kernel module that provides the
user space tool with a version string? So we can check if
the used lkml works together with the user space tool?

Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

echo '[q]sa[ln0=aln256%Pln256/snlbx]sb3135071790101768542287578439snlbxq' | dc

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