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Subject: Re: question about cipe: will it ever be included in the kernel?
From: "Pedro M. Rodrigues" <pmanuel,AT,myrealbox,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 22:55:43 +0100
In-reply-to: <3C4C8C98.9557.2FEE11F@localhost>

   Sorry, but i can't agree when you say that being a standard is not 
relevant. If 
we want the Linux kernel to go further into the enterprise, it needs to work 
other enterprise hardware and software. That means for instance VPN 
hardware from Cisco and lets say software from DataFellows and Network 
Associates. And even Windows 2000. Given the possibility of integrating a Vpn 
technology, and looking at the big picture, what would you choose, even 
considering the difficulties you mention with FreeS/WAN? These problems are 
not insurmountable, they would be worth the work fixing them, and lets not 
forget that all drivers must be compilable as modules from kernel 2.5 
(development) onwards. I do agree with the rest of what you say.


On 21 Jan 2002 at 17:16, Damion Wilson wrote:

> Whether or not it is a "standard" is irrelevant. Including a driver
> "in the kernel" should not be viewed lightly. It makes the kernel
> bigger and the device driver must be compiled in. People who may not
> want a VPN are otherwise encumbered with it and should your unwanted
> driver crash, it'll take your OS with it. IpSEC (in its FreeS/WAN
> incarnation) would similarly be served better by being a module. The
> last time I used it, it had to be compiled in.

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