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Subject: How to remove the windows( version 2.0-pre9) driver?
From: Thomas Schaefer <mail,AT,thomas--schaefer,DOT,de>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 22:22:37 +0100


Maybe this question sounds stupid. But it is serious.
It is nothing against CIPE. The reason is simply the tunnel on a PC isn't 
needed anymore.
If I want to remove the "network adapter" the same way as i did it install I 
get the following message: 
"Das Skript muß mit einem Exitbefehl enden"(it's a german NT-Version) which 
"The script has to end with an exit commmand".

Under the controlpanel a can stop the service and the device but the 
interface still (showed by ipconfig and network-adapters dialog) exists.

Which files and registry-entries are envolved?
How can I remove CIPE manually?

Thank you very much.

Thomas Schäfer


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