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Subject: problems with last patch
From: Marco Palumbi <marco.palumbi,AT,bigfoot,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 21:21:10 +0100

I hoped some comments from Olaf Titz and Damion Wilson about my previous
post "last patch is too much drastic" and the patch proposed by Johannes
Reisinger .

I tried cipe 1.5.2 with last patch applied between two linux boxes.
If I set the ping option in one of them I can see the CT_PING-CT_PONG
flow correctly.
Nevertheless I always receive a "cipcb0: got short packet from A.B.C.D"
in the syslog of the first linux box when I start cipe in the second

What happens with WinNT on one side is shown in my previous message.

So who can say which is correct?

Thank for the help

Marco Palumbi

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