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Subject: Re: cipcb.o unresolved symbol __read_lock_failed on 2.4.5
From: Peter van den Heuvel <peter,AT,asylum,DOT,xs4all,DOT,nl>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 11:32:52 +0100
In-reply-to: <001701c1a792$dfa0b680$0202a8c0@cetialphafive.net>

> > Your kernel source does not match your running kernel.
> Hmmm. I would have hoped that the kernel that comes with a distro would be
> built from the sources included with it. However this does not surprise me
> as 2.4.x support in Slackware seems to be a bit of an afterthought in most
> areas.
Don't think so. For robustness sake 2.2 is the default, and still with
good reason. Slack is my favorite for servers cause of it's simplicity
and robustness. And yes, that does imply there are several things
missing or will only appear after they got stable.

> > You have some choice, but I might suggest simply a config
> > and re-compile of your kernel, then do the cip thing.
> What other options? I would rather patch or hack CIPE than recompile a
> kernel, because I ultimately have 3 machines I want to link with CIPE -- one
> of them a 486 and two with hard drives too small for a compiler and kernel
> source (~300MB).
> So unless you think compiling a kernel on my fast machine and then
> transferring the new kernel via floppy to the other 2 machines would work,
> I'd love to entertain other options. Again I am a bit of a Linux newbie but
> I do have several C programs under my belt, so source code doesn't scare me.
Transfer of the kernel is easy. I even make my own kernel .tgz packages
(most relevant part, details were gatefully stolen from the Slackware

cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage ${Tmp}/vmlinuz
cp .config                ${Tmp}/boot/config
cp System.map             ${Tmp}/System.map
chmod 640 ${Tmp}/System.map

cd ${Tmp}
mkdir -p install
   echo "#!/bin/sh"
   echo "rdev -R vmlinuz 0"
   echo "rdev -v vmlinuz -1"
   echo "rdev -r vmlinuz 0"
) >>install/doinst.sh
chmod 755 install/doinst.sh
chown -R root:root .
echo "n" | /sbin/makepkg ${Dir}/../../bin/${Package}.tgz

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