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Subject: Re: Routing: Ping from router A to Host behind Router B does not work
From: "Nils Lichtenfeld" <Nils.Lichtenfeld,AT,gmx,DOT,net>
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:58:23 +0100
In-reply-to: <OFE5D1E49C.DC458517-ONC1256B56.0053012C@medisearch-int.com>

Hallo Keith!

Thanks again for the reply!

From: "Keith Smith" <keith,AT,ksmith,DOT,com>
> > ipchains -I forward 1 -b -s -d -j ACCEPT
> > would do the same concerning my two networks?
> Yes, of course then if you put 3 machines in a spider web of tunnels you
> get to have 2 rules per machine, and adding the 4th starts to get to be
> a lot of extra maintenance.

Ok, makes sense. And a spider web with 3 routers comes next. You said I 
should use the same IP for the cipe-devices as those of the
eth0s(?). The central router will have 2 cipe-devices and both need a IP and 
the can not be the same, or am I mistaken? What IPs
should I give them then?

Would something like this make sense and would it be quite good maintanable?

     | Router A eth0:
 |--| Router A cipcb0 to Router B:
 |--| Router B cipcb0 to Router A:
     | Router B eth0:
 |--| Router B cipcb1 to Router C:
 |--| Router C cipcb0 to Router B:
     | Router C eth0:

MFG Nils

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