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Subject: Re: connection refused
From: Karl Kleinpaste <karl,AT,charcoal,DOT,com>
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 01:03:09 +0100
In-reply-to: <20020208231304.24409.qmail@ubmail.ub.edu.ar>

"Norberto Altalef" <nalt,AT,ub,DOT,edu,DOT,ar> writes:
> I have 1 central site a 5 remote sites.
> All runs OK, but since a couple of days I began to have this
> message in the log of the central site:
> Feb  8 16:13:37 cipe ciped-cb[17989]: kxchg: recv: Connection refused       

ciped-cb at the remote site has disappeared, leaving the UDP socket
unattended (i.e. nonexistent) so that the periodic key exchange
("kxchg") attempt between local and remote ciped-cb is failing.

> After that I lose the link with this site. 

Contact with that site has already been lost by the time "kxchg -
refused" errors are occurring -- the cipcbN interface on the remote
end cannot continue to exist in the absence of ciped-cb.

Check /var/log/messages at the remote end to see if ciped-cb explained
why it was departing.

Set "maxerr -1" in the options file to prevent ciped-cb from exiting
merely because of temporary loss of connectivity to the far end.

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