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Subject: Re: connection refused
From: "Norberto Altalef" <nalt,AT,ub,DOT,edu,DOT,ar>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 22:28:52 +0100

The problem seem complicated and in fact was very simple.

In the same network that the external interface of the cipe machine (in the
remote site) there was a PC configurated by mistake with the SAME! ip
address than the cipe machine. 

Many thanks for your help.


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Fecha : Mon, 11 Feb 2002 17:58:23 -0500
Asunto: Re: connection refused

>"Norberto Altalef" <nalt,AT,ub,DOT,edu,DOT,ar> writes:
>> The ciped-cb in the remote continues running when the error msg appears
>> the central site.
>> No error messages in the remote site.
>Very odd.
>Are you sure that the port specification in the options files (both
>ends) is correct?  The key exchange ECONNREFUSED really is directly
>associated with there being no such port at the remote end, which
>really does mean that there's no ciped-cb available where you're
>expecting it.  So perhaps the "where" is wrong, in terms of an
>incorrectly-specified port?  Check the "peer" entry of the local
>config, or the "me" entry of the remote config.
>Hm, but then you wouldn't ever get any traffic over the CIPE link.  If
>the link ever works at all, then this couldn't be the problem, either.
>Is it possible that there exist ipchains rules or other firewall
>preventing this kind of traffic at some times?
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