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Subject: CIPE for Windows: Uninstall and other
From: "Matthew Kanar" <mkanar_lists,AT,hotmail,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:43:07 +0100


Just to see if it worked, I installed CIPE on my WinXP machine only to
get rolling reboots.  Well, it never claimed to work under WinXP, so
what did I expect?  Anyhow, I got back into my system by using the prior
hardware configuration, so the CIPE network driver is no longer
installed.  However, the CIPE applet remains in the control panel.  In
prior versions of Windows, simply deleting CipePanel.cpl would have
caused havoc, but WinXP apparently understands to simply remove the
entry from the control panel and not complain (I just did this while
typing this message).

I guess that I will assume that there is no official uninstall
methodology for CIPE/Windows.

Damion K. Wilson, I am sorry about your job situation, although I have
suffered the same setback.  I however would like to suggest that you
might do a brief update to the http://cipe-win32.sourceforge.net/
(Cipe/Windows) webpage.  It would be really nice for visitors to know
that the author is indeed still alive.  In addition, any 'author's
comments' regarding, for example, WinXP compatibility might be nice.

Thank You All,

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