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Subject: VPN connenction suse7.2 and W2000 Server
From: Carl van Elsacker <cve,AT,atbib,DOT,be>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:36:44 +0100


when I start the cipe deamon on the linux
        it will start fine, but gives a message 'pkcipe not configured'

Now I run on the W2K console box

        cipsrvr console start

this give me the following output in W2K

[SERVICE_MANAGER] service [CIPE] has already been started
[{81BF67E4-3DA5-4DFB-BFB1-FC134121F59B}] TAP started on 
[(untitled)] Is using a NONE encryptor
[(untitled)] peer started on adapter [CIPE8]
[(untitled)] Key lifetime expired. Forcing key exchange

nothing less, nothing more.

Waiting a few minutes gives no extra logging,

Can somebody please explain me what's happening here ?

PS: Cipe between 2 linux machines works fine!

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