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Subject: CIPE-Win32 transfer hangs
From: "Juan Antonio Ruiz Zwollo" <J.Antonio,AT,jaruz,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 15:54:10 +0100


On one side, I'm using CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre10.
On the other side, cipe-1.5.2 on Linux.

There are various tunnels going from the Linux box to other Linux boxes. All
work fine. But the tunnel to the Win32 box hangs every few minutes.

I ran the Win32 CIPE as a console, and found out that each time the transfer
hangs, the following output appears:

[SIP] failed on pending read attempt

It is strange that the transfer just stops and the tunnel no longer works
but CIPE continues to run. If it would at least stop itself, I could restart
it every time the tunnel hangs.

What can be done? I already tried setting the Timeout value higher.

Kind regards,

Juan Antonio Ruiz Zwollo

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