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Subject: cipe-on-linux-and-winnt
From: Thomas Schaefer <mail,AT,thomas--schaefer,DOT,de>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:46:32 +0100


last week I was a little bit surprized about two new versions of the 
winnt-version. I found no difference in the behavior of the version 9,10 and 

I still use it on 15 Win-PCs against one Linux-PC in the company where I am 

Here I would like to thank the developers for the useful tool.

My major-problem is that the service does not start at boot time at the 
windows PCs (some do at any time, some never, and some do it sometimes). 
After starting the service manually. ( command line or controlpanel, it works 
mostly fine.)

Another mysterious thing I found - the log file on the linux PC contains a 
lot of  checksum errors of UDP packets sent from the winNt-PCs. 
I also found sometimes truncated IP-packets if I sniff on a cipe-cb interface 
with tcpdump.

Additionally I have a question: 
The winnt-version of cipe simulates a real broadcast network (like ethernet) 
the linux version makes only p-t-p interfaces ( Am I right?). If so, is there 
an intention to extent the linux version to the same behvior? ( At the moment 
I have a lot of "interfaces" on my linuxPC)

Thomas Schäfer


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