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Subject: RE: Service exiting
From: Jan Olderdissen <jolderdissen,AT,ixiacom,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 06:14:12 +0100


I think I got it! Check out the call to WSARecvFrom() in
CipeSocketIO::RequestAsyncReceive(). The argument lpFromlen has to be
persistent until the IO completes according to the documentation. However,
it is an automatic variable! And, not surprisingly, the variable is set to
0x10 before the call to WSARevcFrom. It stands to reason that it is set to
0x10 again upon completion of the asynchronous IO.


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Subject: Re: Service exiting

It may even be one of the error statuses passed out by CompleteIRP in 
cipdrvr.c when it's upset about a packet size or something. I may have to 
reevaluate returning STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL to the read IRP substituting
a successful read of 0 bytes.

Another thought. This might be occurring when there's just enough traffic
the packets to queue up in AdapterTransmit (cipdrvr.c) so that the driver 
answers read IRPs with packets stored for a while. Since this code was even 
working properly (re queued packets) in my original CIPE-Win32 (different 
design), I don't know if that's a red herring or not. Again, this behaviour 
does not appear to exhibit itself on NT4.

(Sigh) well we're almost there aren't we ?


On Tuesday 12 March 2002 02:18 am, you wrote:
> Hi Damion,
> I'm finally able to devote company time on CIPE. Today I've made some
> inroads into the issue with the service exiting at higher bandwidth. What
> appears to be happening is that under certain conditions,
> CipeTapIO::RequestAsyncReceive() fails to exit and returns to the command
> prompt instead. I'm suspecting some kind of asynchronous interaction with
> the ReadFile() call that sometimes messes up the stack. I can make the
> error much more likely to occur by adding DbgPrint ("a") as the last line
> of the function. If I do that, my CIPE test system becomes completely
> unstable when I do any kind of volume transfer. Sometimes, both sides exit
> simultaneously!
> My current pet theory is that under the failure condition, ReadFile will
> fail but the driver will get a time slice before the function exits.
> Something is messed up at this point and the function's return fails. I
> will research this more, of course. It would be very interesting to find
> out whether you can make the error occur when you add that DbgPrint()
> statement as discussed above.
> I've also found a bizarre workaround that I'll have to research some more.
> It is totally incomprehensible to me why it should make a difference. But
> it does make the system stable. More on that later.
> Jan

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