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Subject: ip_rt_put
From: Allan Latham <alatham,AT,flexsys-group,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:39:27 +0100

Hi everyone

I run a modified version of cipe 1.3 so I don't expect any support but ......

I have used this extensively over the last few years without any problems at 
Now I have started getting "dst cache overflow" errors from the kernel 
(2.2.20) and all networking locks up at ip level (link level is still going).

What is unusual on this box is that I am taking certain cipe links up and 
down much more frequently than "normal" and also doing many "ip route flush 
cache" commands.

Now I found a message pointing out that one of the calls to ip_rt_put in 
output.c wasn't needed and may cause this problem.

My question is whether the group knows any more about whether this call is or 
is not needed? There are three such calls in output.c are any of these needed?

Thanks in advance


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