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Subject: Re: ip-in-ip tunnel for windows NT?
From: TSchaefer,AT,t-online,DOT,de (Thomas Schaefer)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 16:09:09 +0100

Damion Wilson schrieb:
> Yes, the encapsulation in UDP is specified in the CIPE 
> protocol docs. Only  
> the encryption can be turned on or off. It is not 
> documented in any RFC (yet)  
> and this form of encapsulation is specific to CIPE.
> What kind of encapsulation were you looking for ? Do you 
> already have an IPIP  
> endpoint that you want to connect the PC to ?

Linux (successful tested by my self between two linux boxes) and cisco
(documentation, i have not  verified it) have  simple IPIP (ip in ip
encapsulation tunnel) descriped in RFC1853 ( this only info, not

My scenario is still the same: a linux box with special networks behind
(test lab) tunnels some packets/routes to some workstations( at office

And, I beg your pardon, cipe is good. Nevertheless I am looking for
alternatives with less overhead and may be with more stability.

Thomas Schäfer

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