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Subject: RE: Newbee question
From: SBNelson,AT,thermeon,DOT,com
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 16:14:05 +0100

Yes, CIPE will work fine for you.  It is easiest when both sides have static
IP addresses, simple when one side has a static IP address, and difficult
(but possible) if both sides have dynamic IP addresses.  If you have a
dynamic IP address, simply use address in place of the IP address.
If both sides have dynamic IP addresses, then you need some way outside of
CIPE for one side to determine the IP address of the other side.  I have
never done this but others on this list have.

You did not mention which Linux distribution (if any) you are using.  RedHat
(and maybe others) provide the software in an easy-to-install form;
otherwise you will need to compile and install CIPE yourself.

The ipaddr and ptpaddr addresses are assigned by you, typically from, or address ranges (see RFC 1918),
or using a spare IP address from the LAN on each side.  The ipaddr on one
side must match the ptpaddr on the other side.

If you use a program (tcpdump, for example) to view the packets going over
ppp0, you should see that the data is encrypted.  Don't look at cipcb0, as
this is the "tunnel": data before encryption or after decryption.  For


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> Hi,
> First sorry if my question is stupid, I am totally new
> to cipe. I have searched the mail archive (back to
> 7/2001) and found nothing similar.
> My senerio is:
> Dialup (ppp) user with dynamic ip address running
> Linux.
> and dont have any other computer to make a VPN.
> I want to make a secure connection from my dynamic ip
> to one of the box the same as my box for
> communication, lets say using ohphone. but any other
> connection should be ok.
> Can I use cipe? and some steps to use it. In this case
> what the ipaddr and ptpaddr should I use? And how to
> make sure the comminucation between me and other is
> ciped :-) ?  that is it goes through cipcb0 not the
> ppp0 ...
> Thank you very much
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