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Subject: RE: Newbee question
From: Steve Kieu <haiquy,AT,yahoo,DOT,com>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:46:55 +0100
In-reply-to: <9097D3905570D111947E00207810DFE1670484@WINTRIX.thermeon.com>


thanks for your reply.

> (but possible) if both sides have dynamic IP
> addresses.  If you have a
> dynamic IP address, simply use address in
> place of the IP address.

you mean the udp address that is in form of ip:port

> If both sides have dynamic IP addresses, then you
> need some way outside of
> CIPE for one side to determine the IP address of the

Yes it is easy I just put echo $4 > /var/log/ip in
ip-up script then I use cat /var/log/ip to read ; the
easiest way I think in scripting.

> other side.  I have
> never done this but others on this list have.
> You did not mention which Linux distribution (if
> any) you are using.  RedHat

I use Mandrake 8.1 but mostly custimized (only base
system). I dont install cipe from them..

> otherwise you will need to compile and install CIPE
> yourself.

I did, everything is fine, compile the module,
ciped-cb etc..; insert module is fine, cipcb0 up but
not figure out what I put me and peer and ipaddr and
ptpaddr in my case that both is dynamic ip (dialup
user) and dont have a home LAN.
> The ipaddr and ptpaddr addresses are assigned by
> you, typically from
>, or address
> ranges (see RFC 1918),
> or using a spare IP address from the LAN on each
> side.  The ipaddr on one
> side must match the ptpaddr on the other side.

As I said before I dont intend to use it in home LAN
so what should I put in ipaddr and ptpaddr?

> If you use a program (tcpdump, for example) to view
> the packets going over
> ppp0, you should see that the data is encrypted. 
> Don't look at cipcb0, as
> this is the "tunnel": data before encryption or
> after decryption.  For
> example:
> B

Ok I am going to test like this but not now as my
friends computer is not up all the time but correct me
if I am wrong some where and help me to finish :-)

Suppose his dynamic ip is ; my is ; we just have two boxes so after
modprobe cipcb  I could 

My box:
ciped-cb me= peer=
ipaddr=? ptpaddr=?

His box:
ciped-cb me= peer=
ipaddr=? ptpaddr=?

of course the key in /etc/cipe/options is the same for
both machine.


Steve Kieu

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