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Subject: Cipe for dialup users. (Was: Newbee question)
From: Steve Kieu <haiquy,AT,yahoo,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 06:51:28 +0100


Thank you all ; I finnally got it work. (I think). All
I did as below, correct me if I am wronf somewhere :-)

my box a got dynamic ip a_ip  my friend box b got
dynamic ip  b_ip

Get source code, compile cipe module and ciped-cb
deamon for both machine

run modprobe cipcb

comment out everything in /etc/cipe/options  only left
the key and key must be the same for both boxes

Run in a

ciped-cb me=a_ip:a_port  peer=b_ip:b_port 
ipaddr=  ptpaddr=

Run in b

ciped-cb me=b_ip:b_port  peer=a_ip:a_port 
ipaddr=  ptpaddr=

Now check 

from a 

from b

OKAY GREAT IT WORKS!  I will use and instead of a_ip  and b_ip to make secure
connection to each other. 

Now only onemore question, When I run ciped-cb in
debug mode, I saw it print on the screen that  

cipher =(none)

is it normal? How can I set the cipher probably option
cipher=?  forgive me if it is mentioned somewhere in
the documentation that I have not read.

Once again thanks for all your support.


Steve Kieu

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