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Subject: CIPE-Win32 routing
From: Scott Herscher <scott,AT,swampwolf,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 23:23:04 +0100

Okay I know this is simple, but I haven't found any answers to this in the
archives.  I have a classic setup...

Private Network A -> CIPE Gateway A -> DSL Router/Firewall -> Internet


Private Network B -> CIPE Gateway B -> DSL Router/Firewall -> Internet

Both CIPE Gateways are running Windows 2000.

I have got CIPE going between CIPE Gateway A and CIPE Gateway B.  But
everytime I try and add a route command, it screws everything up.

I have tried:

route add mask metric 1

where is CIPE Gateway A PTP addr
192.168.1.* is private network B's address range.

I thought that this should route any traffic on CIPE Gateway A targeted for
private network B through the CIPE tunnel.  But it just screws things up.

This is possible right?  I'm not insane, right?

Please help,


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