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Subject: Re: CIPE-Win32 routing
From: "Yves Smolders" <yves.smolders,AT,pandora,DOT,be>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 00:02:29 +0100
In-reply-to: <B8CA2539.78B%scott@swampwolf.com>

> is CIPE Gateway A PTP addr
> 192.168.1.* is private network B's address range.

I presume you have Cipe gateway B PTP in the same range?  if B range is 1.*
your route add should have netmask

The machines on your network A should have as gateway the internal IP of the
cipe gateway A (I presume that would be 192.168.0.x or something)  if you
have another router (e.g. internet access router is not cipe gateway) you
should point the gateway of the net to the router and add a static route to
the router for 192.168.1.* to the cipe IP.  quite a few hops, but if your
router sends ICMP redirects back, all your machines will learn to route 1.*
traffic to cipe directly.

Alternative is adding both routes, internet & cipe to each machine, or use

Also what is almost always forgotten in routing is the route back!  Make
routes at gateway B back to the other net - if you don't your pings don't
get back.

And of course first of all try pinging to gateway b
192.168.20.x - if that doesn't work, nothing will :-)

> I thought that this should route any traffic on CIPE Gateway A targeted
> private network B through the CIPE tunnel.  But it just screws things up.

Probably the route back.  My customers forget it all the time with port
forwarding on their adsl routers:  they open a port up to an internal server
and it doesn't work because gateway on the internal machine is not set to
the router's address.

> This is possible right?  I'm not insane, right?

Nope :-)

> Please help,
> Scotto
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