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Subject: RE: VNC over CIPE - speed problem
From: veros-cipe,AT,tac,DOT,cz
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 09:38:46 +0200

Dave Brotherstone <davegb@pobox. com> wrote:

> Depending on your setup, this can be a problem with UDP timeouts.  If
> your firewall is checkpoint or pix, then I know you need to lengthen the
> reply timeouts - it can be a problem.

  There is simple ipchains+masquerading firewall (ie packet filter). UDP 
for masquerading is set to 120 (+_ something) and CIPE pings every 30 seconds
(just to keep the link up). So I don't think there is problem with timeouts on
firewall. I will reconsider it once more.

> We had that problem with vnc - where stuff comes back (from the other
> end),
> without you doing anything - ie. you get a reply without first sending
> something.  Increasing/disabling the udp timeout feature fixed the
> problem.

  I think that transferring whole screen causes "burst" of data and the 
on the way (W2K <-eth-> Linux <-CIPE-> Linux <-eth-> W98) is't able to cope 
that. I suspect the W2k but I'm not sure. Strange.
Have a nice day


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