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Subject: RE: your mail
From: Keith Hasely <Keith.Hasely,AT,dfafunds,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 19:02:51 +0200

Thanks for the feed back.  I am interested in making the How To less vendor


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Your howto looks really good and even gave me a few ideas for my next vpn
imlementation.  Keith Smith wrote a patch once (it's in the mailing list
dated 30 Jan 2002) which would allow inittab to spawn your cipe
processes.  You might include this as an option since it will ensure that
the link stays up with a line like this in inittab:

ci00:345:once:/usr/local/sbin/ciped-cb -f -o /etc/cipe/peers/mybuddy

Since not all distributions come with kernel modules for cipe you might
include "./configure && make && make install && insmod cipcb" in your
howto for compiling from cvs or stable unless you are specifically
targeting RedHat installations, in which case that wouldn't be necessary.


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On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Keith Hasely wrote:

> All,
> I have been working on updating documentation for setting up a VPN +
> + Firewall using CIPE for the VPN software.  I am very close to having it
> completed.  I would appreciate any comments that may make the VPN,
> Gateway Mini How To more accurate, readable and understandable. It can be
> viewed at
> Kind Regards,
> Keith
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