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Subject: windows and routes
From: Geir Sjurseth <geir,AT,netch,DOT,se>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:38:01 +0200

I have cipe running on several linux machines and a couple of windows
machines.  I had some problems getting things up and running on the
windows side.

I was using a 192.168 series ip address for the "client-side" of the
ip-addressing, but the "cipe-server" has two real ip-addresses (each on
a different network).  I had no problems adding routes to that net with
route add -net <realnetwork-address> netmask gw

This solution never worked for windows, and I was baffled why.
Frustrated I tries using an available ip-address from the same network
and assigning to the cipe-interface on the windows machine it worked. 
Unfortunately I need not only grant access to this network but to
another. Am I to understand that I cannot grant access to this other
network without setting up noes on each side of the tunnel on this

Please someone help me here, I feel that I must be wrong.


Geir Sjurseth && System Administrator 
Netch Technologies AB
Scheelevägen 16
223 63 Lund             
Office  +46 46 272-1679
Mobile  +46 73 310-7490

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