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Subject: CIPE and dynamic routing ( gated )
From: Richard Singer <richards,AT,kingfish,DOT,corp,DOT,rainbowfish,DOT,com>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 04:53:17 +0200

After using CIPE successfully for a couple of years to connect our main office
and three branches, we are going to be expanding our network to more
locations, and it is time to start looking at dynamic routing.  So far I have
managed to get RIP2 working at the main office, except for the CIPE system.

The software I am attempting to use is the 3.6 release of GateD.  It has a
long history, and is mentioned in the CIPE documentation in passing, so
someone has gotten it to work, but it is giving me trouble.  The system in
question is running kernel 2.2.14 and cipe 1.4.6 currently.  GatedD compiled
without trouble and appears to be OK, but it is having trouble recognizing the
CIPE interfaces.  Here is the relevant portion from the log file and from
netstat -nr.

Apr 26 18:38:31 krt_read: Initial routes read from kernel (via NETLINK):
Apr 26 18:38:31 rt_add: interface not found for 
gw Kernel
KRT READ REMNANT    mask router   
flags <>0: queueing delete for rt_add() failure

Apr 26 18:38:31 rt_add: interface not found for 192.168.6/255.255.255 gw Kernel
KRT READ REMNANT 192.168.6       mask 255.255.255     router    
flags <>0: queueing delete for rt_add() failure

Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags   MSS Window  irtt Iface UH        0 0          0 
cipcb0   UG        0 0          0 

I tried defining the CIPE interface in the gated.conf file, but it didn't
help.  Here is the file.

options mark 300 ;

interfaces {
        interface cipcb passive ;
        define pointtopoint ;
} ;

rip on {
    interface all ripin ripout version 2 multicast ;
   } ;

routerdiscovery server yes ;

ospf no;
bgp no ;
egp no ;
smux no;

static {
        default gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx interface eth1 retain ;
} ;

traceoptions "/var/log/gated.log" replace size 100k files 4 general ;

I've checked the mailing list archive, and found a few people have asked for
help with gated before, but I didn't see any answers.  Perhaps I should try
zebra instead.  From what I can gather at the website of Nexthop, they wish
the public version of GateD would die.  Are there any GateD users out there,
or someone using other software for dynamic routing successfully with CIPE?

Richard Singer
True World Foods, Inc. 

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