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Subject: Going to slow connection
From: "Kim, Sang Dong" <SDoKim,AT,fciconnect,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 05:09:34 +0200

Dear everyone,

I'm using WIN-32 CIPE on NT 4.0 but some stability problems bother me.

1.  It is working well but when i let the system during few days, it is
going to slow.
Ping response time was gone to over 1000ms or reply fail but sometimes under
My internet is very fine, When i ping to another side system with real IP,
it reply within 100ms, even if on the VPN trouble.
Hence, i reboot both systems to recover it.

2. When i using some secure site on the web through the CIPE, it occurred
stop just disconnected. i can't ping
Need to reboot both systems. I don't know but i guess that it was came from
encryptions conflict between client with VPN server.

These problems push me to go to the Linux system.
If you have similar problem then let me know i hope to share experiences,

Best regards

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