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Subject: Re: VNC to win2k with SP2 over CIPE
From: ewheeler,AT,kaico,DOT,com
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 09:39:11 +0200
In-reply-to: <20020516203521.11063.qmail@web11603.mail.yahoo.com>

  I have seen this happen if you are having transport errors.  We have a
client who uses VNC and they had a 3com nic die in their linuxbox (router,
firewall, etc) which caused every 5th ping to be corrupt.  

Try pinging the box over the vpn with very large ping sizes and see if it
whines about bad packets.  Use a unix ping not microsoft's 'cause unix
pings seem to be much better at detecting packet errors.  If you telnet to
the port you will always see the RFB 003.003 message if you are getting a
password box -- the password box means it has connected and has negotiated
"something" in the vnc protocol.  You may also try vncviewer for xwindows
because it will do progressive display of the remote vnc window instead of
all-at-once as the windows version does (there may be an option to force
progressive display in windows, but I am not cirtain).  

  Hope this helps!


On Thu, 16 May 2002, Ajit Kashyap wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm having problems with VNC over CIPE. I'm running
> vnc server on a win2k box with sp2 at a remote site
> which is connected to my office through linux boxes
> running cipe at both the ends. The problem is when I
> try to vnc to my server at that end I get the password
> prompt and then all I get is just the grey window with
> the message "please wait - initial screen loading" It
> seems to hang after that. But telnet to port 5900
> works fine. 
> This problem occurs only to boxes with SP2. If I try
> to connect to a win2k box with SP1 it works great. So
> the problem seems to be with Microsoft SP2 but since I
> haven't seen many people screaming about this in the
> forums I wonder if there is a work around either in
> cipe configuration or in VNC configuration.
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,
> Ajit Kashyap 
> ajitkashyap,AT,yahoo,DOT,com
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