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Subject: Linux <-> WinXP connection problems
From: Marco <marco,AT,suse,DOT,it>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 15:23:10 +0200

cipe 1.5.2 (Linux)
cipe-Win32 2.0pre14

Net interfaces are up on both machines, but there is no way to let them
talk together. I'm just making some tests on a ethernet so the ip
addresses are:
Win IP:
Linux IP:
Win PtP:
Linux PtP:
The same settings work fine with a Linux<->Linux link, but if I use the
WinXP client I can't get anything working (even pings!!) on the cipe

The problem could be that WinXP doesn't let me set the netmask to for the Win PtP address: it recognizes the address as a 
C-class and accepts only -> therefore the WinXp routing 
table is as follows:

        MASK            GW              IFACE

more entries are found in the table but they're not related to the net. This doesn't seem to me like a point-to-point
link. Can this be the problem???


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