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Subject: Re: AW: Win32-cipe, is it also "server" (not just client)
From: Leeman Strout <strout,AT,etcsupport,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 20:47:49 +0200
In-reply-to: <A1A5A3BBFEB3D24E8D84F91AFC8452E30154A4@freedom.icomedias.com>

Ok sensible enough,  now I need help figuring out the IP address 

On the Win32 side you have 2 sets of 2 IPs:
LAN IP Settings:  Local and Peer,
PTP IP Settings:  Local and Peer.

Local IP Address:  This is where I set the incoming IP and port number 
for CIPE.  Do I set this IP to be the same IP as my only ethernet interface?

Peer IP Address:  I leave this unset for a dynamic host, right?  Do I 
also leave the port number unset?

The Local PTP IP gets set to the IP address I give to the CIPE 
interface, and can't be changed in the CIPE control panel.  I am 
assuming this is the address that traffic on the "local side" will 
appear to come from.  Does it get set to the same IP as my ethernet 
card?  Can it?

The Peer PTP IP is unset, is this where I assign an apparently local IP 
for the Peer to appear as?

So a little diagram to help me out...

Dynamic Host A                 Static Host B
internet user                  NAT'd firewalled server

IP:           internally  67.96.X.X outside
CIPE Settings:
Local IP: port 5000 port 5000
Peer IP: 67.96.X.X port 5000 port 5000
Local PTP: 
Peer PTP:   

Is this at all even close to how it should be setup for Win32?

Martin Bene wrote:
>>Can I get a point to point tunnel between 2 windows boxes?  The 
>>documentation only has instructions on connecting the new adapter 
>>instance to an existing cipe-server.
> There's actually no such thing as a cipe client or server - just a machine 
>that supports cipe protocol, regardless of operating system. This means, 
>that you don't have to care if the remote side of your cipe connection is a 
>linux  box or another windows box, it should work equaly well.
> Bye, Martin

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