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Subject: Hang CIPE WIN32 with PCANYWHERE 8.0 and..
From: "Kim, Sang Dong" <SDoKim,AT,fciconnect,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 05:38:26 +0200

Hi everyone,

I want to use CIPE WIN32 with stable functions.
I have about 10 PCs on the each sites.
They are connected thru 1 each server with CIPE-WIN32 VPN.
One is windows NT4.0 workstation and the other is Windows 2000 with service
pack 2.
But, still i have stability problem.
I believe that i don't miss anything configuration on my CIPE server.

1) When i using PCanywhere to control other site PC(it is running with
PCanywhere as waiting...).
   after few minute the CIPE VPN in the hang. It needs to reboot both CIPE
server to resume work.

2) When i try to use secure web site on the internet. it is hang also, every
    The web server is in the other sites thru the CIPE server.
    i guess that it came from double encryption problem.

3) "ciprsrvr status" doesn't tell correct status. 
    in my case it tells 4. i think, it is working status.
   but when i on the trouble.. it still say 4.. working...
   i can't determine if the CIPE demon is working properly or not.

Please help me to solve 1, 2 problems.

Thanks & Regards

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