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Subject: Re: QoS / fair queueing in kernel breaks CIPE ...
From: Gert.Vandelaer,AT,medisearch-int,DOT,com
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 11:16:28 +0200

I've done a make distclean in kernel tree,
rebuilt from scratch ...
booted new kernel,
recompiled cipe1.5.3
and all works well now.
Allthough i do get a "got short packet" in the syslog once in a while,
and there's no iptables debugging compiled in.

I'm still struggling heavily with traffic shaping, but that's a whole other
cipe is up 'n running again...
I'd still like to get rid of those syslog messages every 15minutes thought,
they're interfering with other logs.


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> got the 2.4.16 kernel,
I run 2.4.18 kernel.org with cipe-snapshot-20020318.

> compiled in all QoS options
Compiled no QoS but otherwise all shaping into the kernel.

That one works like a charm, but I must admit that I've still not realy
activated any of the traffic-shaping.


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