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Subject: WACKY CIPE Issue
From: SD <sdtechnet,AT,yahoo,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 08:28:25 +0200

I have 3 machines, machine a, machine b and machine c.
 Machine a and machine b has an established CIPE
connection.  I am configuring machine c to connect
with machine a.  I built it in my shop (DSL in
bridgeing mode, CISCO 678) and it works great and
stable.  Had it running for a couple of days.  I drop
it in its perm location (DSL w/PPP, Cisco 678) and it
won't work!  I take it back to the shop or home (cable
modem) and it pops right up.

Here is the strange part, I "set nat entry add" sending all wan traffic to machine c
(firewall/cipe).  Seems to work, if I ping, I hit
machine c.  If I open port 80 in the firewall, I can
browse to it, and I can browse to it.  

I am pulling my hair out, any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!!!! 

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