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Subject: Slow transfer over cipe-tunnel
From: Andreas Dahlén <andreas,AT,dahlen,DOT,ws>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 20:03:20 +0200


Transfer of files over cipe-tunnels are very slow. What can I do to
speed it up?

I have the following configuration:

XP - FW --Internet-- FW - XP

The FW is RedHat 7.2 with Cipe 1.5.2. The FW-rules accepts all traffic
over the Cipe-interface.

If I copies files over the Cipe-tunnel, with ordinary cut-and-paste
between two explorer windows, the transfer is slow. 

To test I installed Samba on the FW and copied files between the FW:s
and still very slow.  When I started a FTP-server on one FW and copied
files to the other FW over the Cipe-tunnel the transfer was slow. When
I tried the same test without utilising the Cipe-tunnel the transfer
was much faster, i.e. over 5 times!

What can I've done wrong in my setup?  Any suggestions?


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