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Subject: RE: Slow transfer over cipe-tunnel
From: "Dave Brotherstone" <davegb,AT,pobox,DOT,com>
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 21:05:29 +0200
In-reply-to: <1025113526.3d19fdb6ef430@www.dahlen.ws>

What are the two FW machines?  And are they doing anything else?  How fast
is the internet connection at either end?

Either the FW machines are slow, and hence the extra computation required is
slowing you down - this is only noticable if you're moving a good deal of
traffic, and the machine is reasonably slow, and the internet connection is
reasonably slow.  E.g. I've noticed a (significant) difference between a
P100 and an AMD Athlon 550.

Either that or you've got some setup with UDP reply timeouts - that can
cause significant delays.  It all really depends on what else is going on.


> Hello!
> Transfer of files over cipe-tunnels are very slow. What can I do to
> speed it up?
> I have the following configuration:
> XP - FW --Internet-- FW - XP
> The FW is RedHat 7.2 with Cipe 1.5.2. The FW-rules accepts all traffic
> over the Cipe-interface.
> If I copies files over the Cipe-tunnel, with ordinary cut-and-paste
> between two explorer windows, the transfer is slow.
> To test I installed Samba on the FW and copied files between the FW:s
> and still very slow.  When I started a FTP-server on one FW and copied
> files to the other FW over the Cipe-tunnel the transfer was slow. When
> I tried the same test without utilising the Cipe-tunnel the transfer
> was much faster, i.e. over 5 times!
> What can I've done wrong in my setup?  Any suggestions?
> /Andreas
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