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Subject: Suse 7.2 Script OK but not more than 2 Tunnels possible
From: "Axel Spallek" <Axel,AT,Spallek,DOT,ws>
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 19:39:47 +0200

If anyone is interested, I have an adapted Script for Suse 7.2 to open
multiple Tunnels cipcb0 - cipcbx (rude and primitive, but working), but
one annoying thing with it is, that I can't open more than two tunnels at a
time. Tunnel cipcb2 does not load.

Jul  2 19:21:35 gryffindor ciped-cb: opendev: getsockname: Socket operation
on non-socket
Jul  2 19:21:35 gryffindor ciped-cb: opendev: alloc

If I exchange cipcb1 and cipcb2 Config it is the new cipcb2 which does not
load, so it doesn't seem to be a faulty options file.
Is there some "feature" telling cipe only to start 2 tunnels?

I'm not the best, but who could tell?
And if I were, then who could tell?
(Except me, and who would care?)

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