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Subject: again(?): dyndns and cipe
From: Holger Marzen <holger,AT,marzen,DOT,de>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 08:52:04 +0200

Me and my friend have both dynamic addresses when we dialup to our
internet provider. This provider ends the connection very 24h, but we
can redial-in immediatly. Of course we get another ip address each.

I use cipe 1.5.4 on Linux 2.4.13 which works generally fine, and
masquerading works, too. Thanks to the developers.

We both use a dyndns-server where we update our entries immediately.

But if he gets a new address *and* I don't restart cipe *and* he doesn't
send data then I can't reach him.

A part of my settings is:

peer            aaa.bbb.ccc.de:20002
dynip 1
ping 300
toping 900

My question is:
Does cipe do a new dns-lookup if the "ping 300" fails 3x times or has
this yet to be developed?


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