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Subject: RE: Stable NT based solution
From: "Juergen K. Zick" <juergen.zick,AT,ifa,DOT,uni-kassel,DOT,de>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 13:47:53 +0200
In-reply-to: <41A9B157C50CD31184F20008C79F796801D1A102@KYO1>

Hi everybody,

I have exactly the same problems as  "Kim, Sang Dong" 
was explaining.
More detailed in my case, it`s a NT4.0 on one side and W2K with a 
NAT/DSL-router on the other side. For testing I used a transparent 
connection (just NAT, no encrypting) and a CIPE connection (again NAT and 
CIPE encypted), PING turnaround times 80ms w/o CIPE, 130ms w CIPE).

The CIPE connection was a little bit slower, but sometimes it just stops 
and only restarting the service on one bring the tunnel up again ...
When connecting a drive via Micro$oft's DRIVE SHARING it looks like the 
tunnel is fast only while I send/copy much data across it. As soon as I 
stop browsing around on that drive oer copying data the CIPE speed goes 
down at once, sometimes stopping completely ...
It was that way in all of the last WIN32-versions ...

I was watching the packet between the NAT/DSL-Router and the W2K machine as 
well, it looks like the w2k machine does not get all packets or does not 
answer ... I have no idea, what might be the cause ... and it prevents me 
from using CIPE regulary ...

best regards,

Jürgen Zick

>Hi, I'm a user of NT based CIPE.
>I'm using the NT based CIPE
>Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2K,
>Both of CIPE working but, it is sometime stop the service.
>and when we start and stop the service..
>it is cold rebooting... one side only..
>I think that NT version still has small packet problem.
>and i am using a sygate as a NAT.
>when i use some of encripted site.. it is stop working..
>Just it is my experiance.
>I'm waiting to be solved it.

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