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Subject: RE: Cipe using the wrong ports..
From: Daniel Gibbs <d.gibbs,AT,online-bills,DOT,com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 18:14:23 +0200
Title: RE: Cipe using the wrong ports..

Hi, I've looked at the Firewalls nither seam to be blocking/nating those 
Though I've figgured out (after playing with tcpdump) that ManC isn't sending 
the Packets though CIPE.

So I'm baffled... 
IF only it was simpaly me not adding a rule in the firewall..

Back to the drawing bord then..


ps.. I know but I couldnt be botherd + I had several ppl asking me things ...

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From: Peter van den Heuvel [mailto:peter,AT,bank-connect,DOT,com
Sent: 09 July 2002 04:35 PM
Cc: Cipe-L (E-mail)
Subject: Re: Cipe using the wrong ports..

> hi, I'm trying to get cipe working between two sites howver nither
> have been talking to each other..
> I found out that one of the sites seams not to be using the right
> ports.
> Does any one know why this will happend or how to stop it from
> happening.
I would think this is the consequence of NAT (or masquerading). I've run
numerous versions of cipe combined with rather rigerous firewall setups
and never overserved this behaviour otherwise.


PS. No use to strip the IP's from the config if you leave 'm in the
tcp-dump :>)

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