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Subject: CIPE Win32 v2.0pre14 Win2k Installation Issues
From: "Christopher J. Oliver" <cjo,AT,sympatico,DOT,ca>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 08:31:18 +0200

Re all,

Given the sparsity of the Win32 installation docs (included in the 
distribution), I managed to get v2.0pre14 up and running, but not without a 
few issues.

The included installation notes mainly pertain to NT, and indicate that 
during installation you will be prompted if you want the cipe service 
installed.  Of course NT and Win2k have their differences, and therefore I 
was not asked or prompted.

The cipe adapter installed without a hitch, but when I check the Services 
with the MMC, there was no cipe-daemon/service anywhere.  I confirmed from 
the win2k.inf that all the files were installed correctly.  I then had to 
manually execute "cipsrvr.exe install", which to my surprise installed the 
service, and voila it's now visible in the MMC.  You are then able to use 
the MMC or command line (cipsrvr) to control the service.

Is this how the win2k installation should work, or is this another 
something to be fixed?  The docs have no win2k specifics at all.



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