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Subject: cipe doesn't ask the DNS
From: Holger Marzen <holger,AT,marzen,DOT,de>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 10:50:23 +0200

I have cipe 1.5.4 and both my machine and the partner machine have
dynamic addresses. Address changes of the other machine are not always
detected. When I then ping the other machine then I see with tcpdump
that the udp packets go to the other's old address. A nslookup returns
the new address, so there are no DNS-related problems.

A restart of ciped solves the problem, but then the interface is doen
for a short time and tcp-connections are interrupted.

How can I force cipe to do a nslookup from time to time, so address
changes are always detected?

device cipcb1

# the peer's IP address
ptpaddr         aaa.bbb.ccc.dd

# our CIPE device's IP address
ipaddr          aaa.bbb.ccc.ee

# my UDP address. Note: if you set port 0 here, the system will pick
# one and tell it to you via the ip-up script. Same holds for IP

# ...and the UDP address we connect to. Of course no wildcards here.
peer            bla.fasel.dynamic.moepx.de:20002

# The static key. Keep this file secret!
# The key is 128 bits in hexadecimal notation.
key             abababababababababababababababab

dynip 1
ping 300
toping 900

mtu    1400
maxerr  -1


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