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Subject: RE: CIPE Win32 Console
From: "McDonald, Joshua J (Josh)" <joshmcdonald,AT,lucent,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 04:05:08 +0200

Thanks for that Chris.

That I can see:
1) Release Notes.txt contains the different options that can be used with
2) There is no description of the different results of running 'cipsrvr
status', or
3) No details of what the console/noservice option does differently to the
service, and what any of the output actually means (The meaning of the
"Decryption CRC Failed" messages, for example).

Has anyone had any experience with these two parts of cipsrvr.exe?

Thanks again,

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Subject: Re: CIPE Win32 Console


Take a look at latest cipe-win32 packages (v2.0 pre13,pre14).  After you
unzip them, open all the text files.  I can't recall offhand (away right
now) the filename, but one of them lists all the commands for cipsrvr.exe.

If you or anyone could elaborate more on the use of this, please forward to
the list.



> From: "McDonald, Joshua J (Josh)" <joshmcdonald,AT,lucent,DOT,com>
> Date: 2002/07/31 Wed PM 07:23:47 EDT
> To: "CIPE Mailing List (E-mail)" <cipe-l,AT,inka,DOT,de>
> Subject: CIPE Win32 Console
> Hi All,
> Just wondering if anyone has any details on the use of the Win32
> cipsrvr.exe, like a help file, command description, etc?
> It would be nice to know what the different status levels are, and I'm
> guessing the console command gives some way of debugging what is
> happening/not happening, but when I run it I keep getting "Decryption CRC
> Failed" messages.

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