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Subject: RE: multiple tunnels
From: Russell Berry <russ,AT,berrex,DOT,com>
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 08:41:42 +0200
In-reply-to: <3D48901A.5070207@prisacom.com>

Hi Mr. Giraldez,

I set up /etc/cipe/someuniquename.whatever files for each tunnel, make sure
that you do not exceed the maximum number of tunnels (cipe_maxdev). This 
can be manipulated during module loading.  When using hundreds of tunnels
between firewalls there's steps besides routing that people tend to overlook,
and you should be careful of. If you aren't familiar with commands like arp 
can look at the man pages and map cipe ip addresses to server MAC addresses
manually or run daemons, I prefer to do things manually. I've run tunnels over
connections such as satellite successfully for years now. Also make sure you
increment the device number in each option file. Oh, and most importantly, 
sure you use unique keys, not the ones that come in the example. You have no
idea how many people actually use the examples literally.  

If you need more guidance feel free to email me directly.



On 01-Aug-02 Uxio Faria wrote:
> HI! i wanna make multiple tunnels in the same server, how i can make it? 
> put all conf in the /etc/cipe/options? think that no!
> any help?
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