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Subject: Re: Win2k Cipe Tunnel to Public IP
From: Damion Wilson <dwilson,AT,ibl,DOT,bm>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:31:25 +0200
In-reply-to: <81D756AE724BD24BA9632DAAE6C7EE1138BB@apophis.dragon.quadgen.com>

1) When there is a dynamically changing IP address on one side of a link, the 
static peer must have as its peer address CIPE will determine the 
dynamic peer's address when it sends a packet to the static one. Hopefully, 
we in the CIPE world may decide to allow DNS resolvable hostnames as peer 
addresses so that dynamic hostname services could be used.

2) What you now need are the correct route table entries to effect your 
CIPE-Win32 allows you to execute a dos command when a link is initiated. This 
should be used for this purpose (i.e. a batch file). It may also be necessary 
to modify the routing tables of any downstream hosts to allow them to use the 
CIPE VPN as a route.


On Sunday 11 August 2002 06:24 pm, Mark J. Buckman wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have installed Cipe (win32) on a windows 2000 server sitting on a T1
> with a class C, and on a Windows XP on a private range behind a NAT
> router.
> I came across Cipe because my ISP blocks GRE traffic through the NAT
> Router.
> I have successfully connected my XP workstation to the Win2k server
> using Cipe and a private IP range
> XP Wks ---------------------------------------------- NAT ROUTER
> ---------------------------------- Win 2k Server
> IP Address:
> IP Address: XX.XXX.28.254
> What I would like to do is one of 2 things:
> (1) Use Cipe to acquire an IP address (Public) from the T1 IP's so that
> I can communicate through this IP without having to deal with the NAT
> router
> (2) Route all traffic destined for the XX.XXX.28.0 range on the T1 to go
> through the CIPE interface.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Mark Buckman

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