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Subject: RE: CIPE between linux and NT4
From: "Joseph Jamieson" <jjamieson,AT,futurefoundations,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:42:40 +0200

I believe you need to use CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre15 for the 1.5.x linux CIPE, and 
you would use pre14 for the 1.4.x linux CIPE.

Try CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre15 and you'll probably be running =)


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Subject: CIPE between linux and NT4

After finally working out what I'd done wrong that was stopping my manual
linux <-> linux link, I managed to get that working correctly.  Now, the
second stage, is to use the same server, but connect an NT4 machine to it.

It supposedly connects, but the win32 end stops dead after the first
'sending CT_PING' or similar, the linux end continuously reports 'got short
packet', which I've seen before, but haven't had much luck tracking down any

I'm running CIPE-Win32-2.0-pre14 under NT4 and debian's cipe-1.5.2free9 on
linux (debian's 2.4.18#5 kernel).  Do I need to patch the linux source up to
1.5.4 and apply the short packet fix, or does anyone know if this has
already been applied to this particular package?  Is it a problem on the
win32 end?  Has anyone else had the same problems, and if so, have you fixed
them, and how?

I feel I'm so close to getting this working, which would drastically improve
our networking infrastructure, I just don't know enough to sort it out on my
own.  I'd search the website archive, but I keep getting told the search
facility is currently not available.  Any help at all would be greatly

Mark Smith - Avco Systems Ltd
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