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Subject: RE: About Cipe and Windows XP
From: "Jeremy Booth" <jbooth,AT,douglascomp,DOT,com>
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 18:00:02 +0200
In-reply-to: <200209111016.15507.dwilson@ibl.bm>

I installed it onto my XP Pro box using the Win2K drivers and installation
proceedure. It created the Control Panel applet, but at the end of the
virtual adapter installation, it died and said that "couldn't find the
file". Not sure what file it was looking for, but i pointed it to the Win2K
drivers and inf files. This is my only experience installing it on XP.

I run CIPE on my work and home FW's, although I travel a lot with my xp
laptop and it would be nice to be able to dialin and then fireup CIPE and go
to work, but unfortunatley I am not a programmer and can't tshoot a problem
like this just... but I am learning :-)

I am continuing to experiment with this and will let you know if I can get
it to work.

Jeremy Booth, MCSE
Director I.T.
Douglas Companies, Inc.

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Subject: Re: About Cipe and Windows XP

Ummm... I'm told that it's already running on XP although I haven't tested
myself because I don't have (or want) XP. There are no fundamental
technological reasons it shouldn't run, though.


On Wednesday 11 September 2002 08:55 am, you wrote:
> Hi.
> Do u have any dates for the Windows XP release of NDIS driver?
> With best regards
> Matti Nykyri

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