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Subject: RE: running cipe behind a NAT router
From: Rod Boyce <rod_boyce,AT,stratexnet,DOT,com>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 00:22:00 +0200

This is how I have set up CIPE on many sites.  I have even gone so far as

        The big bad Internet with all 
        DSL router with NAT enabled
        Linux Firewall with NAT enabled
        Internal LAN sites here
        Linux box Running CIPE VPN to another site with same setup
Another Server

Sorry for the crap picture but this works very well and many cracrkers are
trying to break in to an Apache server using Windows known exploits is sad

Rod Boyce

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From:   Paul [mailto:paul,AT,pauls-web,DOT,co,DOT,uk 
Sent:   Thursday, September 19, 2002 2:40 PM
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Subject:        running cipe behind a NAT router

Hi all

I have a question that I cannot find an answer too it is this.

I have a Linux box behind an ADSL router with NAT can I use CIPE with
only one Ethernet interface connecting to a CIPE box in the office with
a real world address ?

Many Thanks

Paul Jones

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